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A Special Tribute to Desiree


Date of Birth: 7 April 1996

Breed: Danish Warmblood

Country of Origin: Denmark

Desiree ("Dessie") came to Singapore with her previous owner in 2006 as a competitive show jumper and was very successful during her career, winning many medals and ribbons. After many years together, her owner left for university and Desiree worked in the Riding School at the Bukit Timah Saddle Club (BTSC) for a few years. 


It was obvious that Desiree always had the rider's welfare at heart as she leaped to glory during competitions, tried her heart out during dressage tests and always kept her riders safe during lessons! She was always kind, careful and loving and continued to display these traits during her time as a therapy horse.


Because of her wonderful personality, Desiree’s final career change would be to a therapy horse following her retirement from the competition sport and riding school life. 


Desiree had embraced this change wholeheartedly and took great pride in her role in the development of each and every student.


Unfortunately at the age of 23 years old, Desiree developed an infection in her hock joint (a joint in her back leg). After weeks of medications, surgery to flush out the joint, follow-ups and scans, we decided that it was the kindest thing to let Desiree run over the rainbow bridge.


There isn’t a day that we do not think fondly of our first therapy horse and one of our most beloved therapy horses!


Thank you Desiree for all you have done for us and THERIS. We miss you!

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