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Year of Birth (estimated): 2006 - 2007

Breed: Irish Sport Pony

Country of Origin: Ireland

Meet our smallest member of the team! Raspberry Roan aka "Smartie"!


But don’t let Smartie’s smaller size fool you! He’s got the biggest personality; full of playfulness and curiosity! Smartie took great care of his first young owner with such great care in Dressage and jumping competitions that he was taken on a therapy pony and has been a fan favourite ever since! He’s just awesome! 



Year of Birth: 2000

Breed: Oldenburger

Country of Origin: Germany

D'Artagnan aka "Dart" is our Big Friendly Giant (BFG)!


Dart came to us after a career as a Dressage horse and due to his calm demeanour was chosen to become a therapy horse! Even though he may stand tall he is the most gentle boy who adores all of his clients! 

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