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Do I / does my child need to have any riding experience?

You do not need any previous experience to ride with THERIS. Our lessons provide basic instruction, but the focus is to provide our clients with a safe environment in which to develop their physical and psychological abilities, and to build a healing relationship with the horse.

Do I / does my child need to come every week?

It is important to create a routine, and to give you or your child an opportunity to create a bond with the horse. Continuity should be a priority.

How long are the lessons?

Lessons are scheduled for 45-minutes; however, the session may be shortened if the client is under any physical, emotional or psychological strain.

How long will it take to see some improvement?

Visible signs of improvement depend on the individual, as we all learn at a different pace and experience life individually. The progress for some could be slow, but this does not mean that it is not happening.

Will I or my child ride every time?

The aim is not for you or your child to learn how to ride a horse, but to interact with the horse and to build a relationship with it. The bond they share is the key to helping a child through their psychological, physical and emotional journey in life.


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