Beyond the Stable

March 28, 2019

Greetings and Orientation

Upon our clients’ arrival, we take a brief moment to allow them to warm up to the horses, and for the horses to do the same with them. Just like how we greet one another by saying “hello, how are you?”, this pocket of time is valuable as it allows both our clients and horses to welcome each other’s company, easing both parties into the session proper.

Grooming and Tacking Up

A big part of EAT involves learning how to take responsibility and take good care of our co-therapists, and the grooming segment of the session is pivotal to that. Our clients also learn how to tack the horses up in preparation for a ride. By learning how to groom and tack the horses up, we not only get to improve on both our gross and fine motor skills, but also learn to take ownership of the process.

Mounted Activity

Once the horses are equipped and clients are prepared, we are ready to go for a ride! Mounted activities include riding around the arena or going on a jungle trail, and playing s...

March 28, 2019

Horses are said to be mirror to our souls. They reflect our true emotions, show us who we are and allow us to explore how to be the best for of "us"!

A dear friend of mine Renee put it in such a wonderful way, I thought I would share her article (with her permission) with you all. 

Horses are our wisest teachers

Renee pictured here with Desiree

Therapies in which animals have the main role are not unknown. They can help us defeat fears, accept our flaws, in other words, they can help us become better persons. Horses are among those creatures that have the amazing ability to help you grow from all points of view, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

What is even stunning about horses is that they will never refuse to help us, knowing in some way that they can be of great aid to us, to our development. Have you ever seen a horse run away from a person that needs help? Regardless of the problem, the horse will be there for you.

Our connection with the horse 

How can a horse know so...

July 7, 2017

THERIS was born out of my love for the horse and close bond that we can share with this incredible creature. Horses have been said to be the “mirror to our soul” and they allow us explore ourselves, face any personal issues and move forward.

My fascination with horses started at an early age, but I never knew or could have imagined what an important role that they would have in my life. Born to a mother from Hong Kong and a father from Germany, I grew up speaking three different languages, none particularly well. I was also shy amongst my peers and was not particularly good in school. I preferred to retreat into my world of (horse) books.

I was “hooked” from the first time that I ever sat on a horse. The more that I rode, the more confident I became, both in my riding and myself! The calm, trust and complete acceptance that I received from horses gave me the confidence to accept me for who I was.

This magical bond is why I believe that so many children are drawn to horses. Horses do no...

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July 7, 2017

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