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  • Horses are large and powerful animals, which may be intimidating to many people. Having to interact and work together with them to achieve the goal of a task creates an opportunity for individuals to overcome their fear, and gain confidence and assertiveness. 

  • By being on a horse, individuals are able to experience different types of beneficial sensory stimulation.

  • Horses are present-focused (they respond in the moment) and do not judge - which creates a safe space for individuals to feel free to express themselves.

  • Through their responses to the individual’s actions, horses provide immediate feedback on patterns of thoughts and behaviours in the individual, and areas for cognitive-behavioural change. In particular, they provide a mirror for individuals to reflect on their own internal experiences, their behaviours, and their subconscious world.

  • Horses are social animals similar to humans, and have specific roles within their herds. Observing and working with them provides an opportunity for individuals to explore the relationships in their own lives.

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